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Proposal Paparazzi

I have a post I am working on of a surprise proposal I was asked to photograph recently and it got me thinking – for most of us we put so much effort into finding ‘the one’, making plans for the proposal, ironing out all the details so that moment is perfect, hoping she’ll say “yes”… but don’t have any photos to remember the big event by. Let’s face it fellas, the proposal is our moment to shine! Most guys kind of glide through wedding preparations, figuring we put out the effort when we got down on one knee (You *will* get down on one knee, won’t you?), held out the rock and begged for a little mercy and kindness.

Myself, I put a LOT of thought into the proposal, surprised her and flew her half way around the world, waited for the perfect moment… and she said “yes!”. To record the event I used a video camera, fumbling around with it a minute or two, saying something about “I need to record something for the people back home”. Then surprised her yet again by asking her to marry me. The video recording was nice but not of the quality that I could take a still frame out of it and hang a canvas wrap in our home. The image works for a myspace or facebook badge, but not something larger than an i-pod. Sound was non-existent except for the birds flying by and kids playing πŸ™‚ It was great that I got that, the moment was perfect, but quality was lacking.

The Kiss

That was a few years ago. Today we offer what is commonly called “Proposal Paparazzi” – secretly photographing the proposal without her knowing a thing about it. A long lens and steady hand (for both the proposer and photographer πŸ˜‰ ) can get gorgeous captures of the big moment to re-live for many years to come. Most couples have many images of their wedding, from planning right up until the big day, but unless they have planned ahead, no photos of the proposal. Many are working on those proposal plans these upcoming holidays and beyond, contact us to book a date to record the event. I love these types of events, so if you need some help planning, I can give you suggestions. If you are planning an out-of-town or out-of-country proposal, I am available to travel to your location.


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