Beaumont Engagements | Ashleigh and Tyne

April showers bring engagement sessions around here – it’s warmed up enough we don’t have to wear long sleeves but still isn’t so hot that we need to keep gatorade nearby 🙂

Coming soon are the wedding festivities for Ashleigh and Tyne – two young lovers from the Southeast Texas area – Ashleigh works in a local hospital and Tyne, when he isn’t playing in a band, works in one of the local plants – good people, as my family would say 🙂

beaumont engagement photographer

Ashleigh called the other day and wanted to know if they could bring Tyne’s drum set and take some photos with it – sure! I’m all for doing something that marks who the couple is as young adults at this point in their lives; what makes them get up in the morning and stay up late at night, their passions, if you will. So the drums were setup on the grass at riverfront park here in Beaumont and Tyne went to town, Ashleigh alternately listening, rocking and coyly luring while the band played on:

guy playing drums while girl watches

It worked! Eventually Tyne put the sticks down and paid more attention to the love of his life:

beaumont engagement photos

When it comes to rythmn and playing the drums, Ashleigh has two left feet 🙂 Tyne tried tho:

guy teaching girl how to play drums


holding hands engagement ring on snare drum

A little stroll down the boardwalk for a little stylin, kissin, and huggin happened:

beaumont riverfront park boardwalk

engaged couple kissing on boardwalk

And a few on Crockett Street, I love the architectural texture everywhere there:

girl on her toes

engaged couple holding hands

One last one, don’t they make the cutest couple? 😀

beaumont engagement photographer

Up soon will be Ashleigh’s bridal session, stay tuned to this channel! 🙂

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Somerset - April 23, 2010 - 3:08 am

Wow, lovin them all but the one where they’re playing the drums together is my fav, bet they’re made up with these 🙂

Andy - July 16, 2010 - 7:24 am

Very cool shots lad, I’m really amazed by people who can take this kind of shots.

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