Beaumont Baby Dedication | Waylan

It was a beautiful day for a wedding!

Umm… a baby dedication! 🙂

This past year I made the decision to focus totally on wedding and wedding-related (engagements, bridals and trash-the-dress) events, really wanting to master what many consider a “niche” area in photography… that is until Scarlett brought little Waylan by and requested my documenting his dedication.

How can you pass up his cute chubby cheeks? 🙂

It was a beautiful day for a baby dedication! Calder Baptist Church in Beaumont is a gorgeous church here in the Oaks Historic District.

exterior calder baptist church beaumont

inside calder baptist church beaumont

We began early with some family portraits, including a few of Scarlett with Waylan and beautiful natural light streaming through the windows. From there the church service began – Pastor Fuller brought the family up front, gave Waylan the grand tour (introducing him to all the families who will have a profound effect on his life), blessed the baby and prayed with the family. We can all use reminding of how much responsibility we have with our precious little ones.

mother and baby in church

pastor with baby

black and white photo of baby being raised in blessing

family praying for baby

Even big brother got to take part and pray for Waylan. It was a beautiful service. 🙂

From there we made our way over to the Beaumont Country Club where a reception awaited Waylan and all his fans on the porch. He dozed off and on but appeared to have a great time! 🙂

beaumont country club reception

cake and gift table baby reception

sleeping baby in mothers arms

sleeping baby in mothers arms

Perfect cake, I love the booties on top.

cake and gift table baby reception

father with infant son

beaumont texas wedding photographer

It was a beautiful day for a baby dedication! Good luck to Waylan’s family and church family and God Bless Waylan. 🙂


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