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Getting the Most From Your Wedding Day Photography – Part II

We’re back! 🙂 Part two for how to get the most out of your wedding day photography coming right up:

Suggestion #2 – Have a gap between your ceremony and reception

If you are still dead-set against seeing each other before the ceremony, then consider having at least a 1-2 hour gap between the ceremony and reception. We have friends in Canada and a nice 2-3 hour gap is the norm – they’re able to travel to several locations during that time and get some amazing portraits. It’s from this session that 90% of our enlargements are made. Its where your thank you card shot will come from.this is the number one way to ensure great images. Give us the time to take them. So please, plan it into your schedule. 🙂

gorgeous wedding photography

Benefits to having a gap between your ceremony and reception:

– You allow ample time to travel somewhere great for photos (especially if your ceremony location is not the most picturesque place). We can jump in a limo and go anywhere you would love to take photos. If you have an afternoon wedding, you can still have an evening reception.
– Your guests can explore the sights of the city with a nice organized tour given by a family member or just have the chance to freshen up before the reception.
– You can even have a cocktail party organized! This will ensure the two of you have the best opportunity to get the most unique images of your wedding party and yourselves as a newlyweds.
– If you can’t spare a couple hours to go somewhere nice, plan in time for a photo walk. Its that 30 minutes or so after your formals, but before your reception starts. We could use this 20-30 minutes of alone time with you and your new husband to create some of those relaxed romantic portraits that everyone loves.

– Last but not least, you get to truly take in the day and enjoy every minute of it instead of rushing around!


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