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We’re back again! 🙂 Part three for how to get the most out of your wedding day photography coming right up:

Suggestion #3: Allow plenty of time before the ceremony for photos

If the previous suggestions are completely out of the question then at least allow for 2 hours before the ceremony for photos of the bridal party.

Plan in extra time for hair and makeup, this is the #1 reason weddings begin late – everyone will want at least a touchup and with so many there it just takes longer than expected. Make sure all bridesmaids are dressed and ready prior to our arrival to begin photos with the bride.

– All flowers need to be ready at the start of pictures.
– Boutonnieres need to be pinned on the groom and groomsmen promptly on their arrival for photos.
– Immediate family of both the bride and groom need to be dressed and ready for pictures before the ceremony.

Utilize your time with us before the wedding. The best images come from before the ceremony, not “drunk” dancing pictures at a reception, that can be covered by the videographer or family members with point and shoot cameras! 🙂

wedding portraits

Cooperation is key!

After all the formal portraits are done, we need the cooperation of you two together to take some time for some great images of you as newlyweds.

If you are worried about having guests wait too long to eat, break tradition and go ahead and have them start eating before you arrive. Trust us, they will love it, you will not feel pressured, and the party will get started much earlier in the evening!

Be willing to do fun poses – after all, we do it because we know it will look great! Warn your wedding party that photos are important to you and that we might be a little different in the way we work.

These are just a few suggestions on how to get the most out of us for your wedding photographs. You’re hiring us, now take advantage of having us and do something truly unique on your wedding day. We love to go to different locations with wedding parties. We will go most anywhere with you before or after the ceremony. We are there to give you images that you will treasure forever.

Get the most out of us!


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