Morgin and Patrick’s Wedding – Part Deux

We’re back! 🙂

When we last left Morgin and Patrick’s wedding, they were getting ready for the big moment and now it’s arrived! You can view the first part of their wedding day here. Morgin and her girls make the sprint to the finish line:

bride and bridesmaids rushing to wedding

The time is here:

bride and dad walking down the aisle

I love here how people are just kind of looking around, but Patrick has “laser” vision for his bride:

groom waiting for bride

lighting the unity candle

Lighting the unity candle:

wedding ceremony in progress

We have lift off! 🙂

first kiss

May I present Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gonzales:

bride and groom

From there it was on over to the Neches Room in Beaumont – a great venue for a wedding reception and where we photographed Morgin’s bridal portraits. Catered by Holly and Christi with the Beaumont Catering Company, the food was very tasty 🙂

Beaumont Catering Company

Speaking of tasty… mmmm… cake 🙂

Beautiful wedding cake

Is that not the most beautiful wedding cake you’ve ever seen? It tasted even better 😉

Patrick and Morgin in their first dance and cutting the cake:

bride and groom first dance in neches room beaumont

bride and groom cutting cake in neches room beaumont

Then it was Patrick’s brother Matthew and Morgin’s sister Meegan’s turn for toasts and speeches:

neches room wedding reception maid of honor and best man toast

The many faces of Morgin during the toasts:

bride during toasts

Then we come to what is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen at a reception. Patrick was all up for the garter retrieval and toss, but right as he was about to go in for the kill, Meegan stops him and said he had to use a blindfold so the chase wasn’t too easy. The crowd is chanting “teeth!” “teeth!” “teeth!”. While he was being blindfolded, one of the groomsmen had donned some pantyhose and shorts and flopped down on Matthew’s lap and laid Morgin’s skirts over his leg so everything would seem kosher. And… well, you get the idea! 😀

groom going for the garter belt

groom going for the garter belt

Wow! Both his old and new family can be so cruel.. who’d a thunk it? 😀 Needless to say, he kept both eyes open and uncovered for the second chance. 😉 A couple photos below of the garter and bouquet tosses. You can’t really tell, but there were a few girls who really wanted that bouquet (unless, you notice the dilated puplis, Dana hiking her skirts up, elbows being thrown, everyone ready to pounce! :D)

bride throwing her bouquet

No-one was injured badly, but it was intense for a few moments. 🙂 Then it was everyone to the dance floor!

dancing at the wedding reception

Then it was time to leave for the honeymoon in a flurry of bubbles:

leaving the wedding reception

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful day! 🙂

cinderella story

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Kimberly - September 3, 2009 - 7:19 pm

LOVE these pictures!!

Dallas Senior Portraits - September 4, 2009 - 3:51 pm

Wonderful, beautiful images, and I went through them all because I was so enamored of the story you were telling! Great job!


Ottawa Wedding Photographer - September 10, 2009 - 5:20 am

Wonderful wedding pictures.

The Bride and Groom will be thrilled with this album.

.-= Ottawa Wedding Photographers last blog ..Jennifer and Sylvains first anniversary =-.

St. Louis Wedding Photographers - September 25, 2009 - 10:59 pm

Love the garter shots! What fun!

Mitch Miller - September 25, 2009 - 11:52 pm

I love weddings like this. Everyone looks like they had so much fun. Great photos; beautiful expressions.
.-= Mitch Millers last blog ..Mitch & Stephanie: Wedding in Sioux City, Iowa =-.

Bay Area Wedding Photographer - September 26, 2009 - 12:53 am

Beautiful colors, great job capturing the bride and groom’s emotions.

Alecia Hoyt - September 26, 2009 - 11:55 am

What a beautiful young couple! I especially enjoyed the black and whites from the ceremony~
Wedding and Family Portrait Photography in St. Louis St. Charles and Missouri

Bob Decker - September 27, 2009 - 10:07 am

What a great job photographing their wedding. The group shots, the ceremony the reception, all very nice images.
.-= Bob Deckers last blog ..Family Photos on the Beach =-.

Lloyd - September 28, 2009 - 4:05 am

That looks like a fun wedding. The Bride and Groom are obviously having fun and you’ve captured it well.

Hooman - September 28, 2009 - 9:43 am

Looks like a totally fun wedding! I’m loving all the details you capture!

Dean Aceto II - September 28, 2009 - 11:34 am

Love this wedding. Got a kick out of the garter pics with the groomsman.

Chris - September 28, 2009 - 12:40 pm

I really like the detailed food shots. Very nice layout!

Jay Crihfield - October 5, 2009 - 8:39 am

The garter stuff is priceless….and I like that last one of the “cinderella” picture!

gordon mackinnon - October 16, 2009 - 5:31 am

wow this is great story telling! I bet your bride & groom were really pleased with their photos.looks like they had a great wedding day!

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