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Paris la nuit (Paris at Night)

We temporarily take a break in your scheduled wedding, engagement and senior photography to bring you the continuation of our “at night” series. The first you can find here – “Night Time in Venezia” – here we show a few of our favorite images from Paris.

Evening descends on Paris:
evening descends on paris

There’s something about strolling Paris at night – the activity in the main boulevards is amazing, nothing like peaceful Venice – you’ll get run over if you move too slowly, but since the cars and scooters are so small it will be merely a flesh wound. 🙂

avenue des champs-elyses

Once you get off the main thouroughfares and into the neighborhoods, it quietens down considerably and you can enjoy a nice caf at places like Cafe De Flore, one of the most famous of the literary cafs on the Left Bank, a favorite hangout for Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, and various other intellectuals and writers. We stumbled upon the place walking from la tour eiffel along Boulevard St. Germain to our hotel – yes, we were a bit lost, but we were heading in the right general direction and we were in Paris, so what if we took an extra 5 hours – a cup of chocolat chaud (liquid heaven), a croissant, and we were fueled for the rest of the stroll.

cafe deflore in st germain

place de la concorde

Our hotel was amazing, snuggled right in between Muse Du Louvre, a courtyard, and Palais Royale; you can look along one of 5 boulevards that circles it and see the Opera House in one direction, the Arc de triomphe du Carrousel in another, or a million other places too amazing for words. You can’t jeter une pierre (throw a rock) without hitting hundreds of years of history and art.

pyramide du louvre

Paris is special to us, since we got engaged in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and returned for our first anniversary. Gentlemen, if you ever get the opportunity… by any means necessary, share the city of love with the one you love. You’ll not regret it.


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