About Us

We are “Bell-ah-Foto-grafica”. The word loosely translates to “Beautiful Photos”.

We are Story Tellers. We are passionate about honest and intimate moments, blending those with elegantly posed portraits. If you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding, bridals, or engagement session in a relaxed and romantic style, we’re your photographers! Wedding photography doesn’t have to be an endless series of line-ups and poses. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relax, simply have a good time and know that great images will follow?

With our storytelling approach to photography, the focus is on the overall experience rather than the traditional process of picture-taking. We encourage the bride and groom to have an amazing time with family and friends, and then capture the flow of those moments along the way. When we’re not taking portraits, we’re staying out of your way. We won’t be manufacturing your moments. We think it’s about putting ourselves in the right place at the right time. We take our time and let the story happen. This relaxed approach takes awkwardness and stress out of the equation, and leaves more room for pure fun. In fact, taking photos with us is not an intermission between the more enjoyable parts of the day – it is one of the enjoyable parts of the day.

We are Distinctly Unique. We shoot weddings, not commercials. We distinguish ourselves by making every effort in getting to know you by listening to your life story. And because we are attuned to the subtleties and the quirkiness that makes your wedding so special, we are able to make more meaningful photos for you. We truly believe that no two weddings are alike. Sure, weddings have their rules and in some ways is a very orchestrated event, yet every couple adds something new to the mix. We are there to capture the events as they happen.

We are Allen Ayres and Marius Lardizabal – delivering world-class wedding photography all over Houston, Beaumont and the surrounding areas for 7+ years now.

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Bellafotografica is Allen Ayres

– From Beaumont, TX, I have photographed more than 100 weddings all over Texas and Louisiana. My passion is my family, God, photography and helping people. I have 4 young children and my eyes still mist every wedding day capturing the moments and thinking about my little ones growing into the young ladies and men I see before me.

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Some couples, in our initial meetings, will ask me what my favorite slideshow is. Without hesitation, here it is:

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Bellafotografica is Marius Lardizabal

– I am a Houston Wedding Photographer. A Filipino expat currently living in Pearland, Texas and have been a member of the team for over five years now.

Canon is my choice for cameras but don’t shy away from picking up a Nikon when needed.

My life revolves around four lovely girls. Three of whom are like the Energizer bunny, so full of life they always keep me on my toes. The fourth one massages my back while ordering me around.

When I’m not photographing anyone, I hangout with a couple of friends and play some new wave tunes on my bass guitar.

In everything I do, I strive to be FEARLESS. It is best described in my most favorite quote:

“You must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work, and you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul. What I say is true – anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.”

Chef Gusteau {Ratatouille}

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