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    Sam and Blake get Married!

    Just a warning – if you like beautiful black and white photography, you’re going to love the following blog post. If you don’t, well… 😉 Samantha and Blake were married in Port Arthur’s St. James Catholic Church recently after a whirlwind lifelong romance 🙂 The day started like most others, with a tornado of activity at the Urban Retreat Spa in Mid-County: After hours of coifing, mimosas and hairspray, the party moved to St. James. Some of you may remember Sam’s beautiful wedding gown from her NYC Bridal session: Shoes! Marius capturing Blake looking all suave and debonair: Tamara did a beautiful job with the fresh rose bouquets: Here comes…

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    Ashleigh and Tyne Get Hitched!

    🙂 I wanted to post some more of my favorites from Ashleigh and Tyne’s big day at the Pompano Club – below those, if you have some time 🙂 is an extended slideshow telling the story of their day – oh, and a little birdie told me this week congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Brown, 😉 Floral design by the talented Whimsical Creations by Tamara, and expert photographic skills of my second photographer Marius. 😀 That last series just makes me smile everytime I see it 😀

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    New York City Bridals | Samantha

    Way back, in the blistering heat of Sam and Blake’s engagement session on the Kemah Boardwalk I mentioned to Sam I’d be in New York City for a photography seminar the week before her wedding and “wouldn’t it be cool if we could shoot your bridal session up there too”. A flurry of activity later and here we are! Sam and her friends Danielle and Beth had never been to NYC before, and judging by the crowds around us the whole day, New York City had never seen a beautiful Texas girl in a wedding dress – we were swarmed most of the day by people wanting pictures with Sam,…

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    Pompano Club Wedding | Ashleigh and Tyne Get Married!

    A quick teaser with a couple of my favorite images from Ashleigh and Tyne’s recent wedding at the Pompano Club in Port Neches 🙂 I wasn’t sure how well an outdoor wedding, on a curved bridge, over a swimming pool, would work out – but it turned out beautifully! Thanks to expert assistance from Whimsical Creations by Tamara, and the expertise of my second photographer Marius, we captured a gorgeous wedding event! 🙂 The weather was hinted at rain but everything was perfect, including the expressions on Ashleigh’s face as Tyne enjoyed sharing the cake just a little too much: 😀 More coming soon!

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    Nederland Weddings | Celina and Matt – Ceremony

    A beautiful wedding day turned into a gorgeous wedding evening – it’s time to get married! 🙂 To be married at St Elizabeth Catholic Church in Port Neches, Celina has arrived with her entourage and begun final preparations: Meanwhile, Matt has arrived with his men (check the bottom of this post for a few of the great images Marius captured). Here (with a little encouragement from his brother and best man Scott) he’s on his way for a little pre-wedding rendevous with the love of his life: A nice way too “see” your bride without actually seeing her 🙂 From there it was nearly time for the ceremony to begin…