Christin’s Bridal Portraits

Christin’s big day has passed and I can now post some of Jackie O’s portraits. 🙂

Christin and I met up in downtown Beaumont, choosing a site perfect for her retro 60’s style tea-length dress, hair and jewelry – very classic, very Christin.

purple wedding shoes

From the brooch to the pearl earrings and necklace, everything came together in a very “Dirty Dancing/Down With Love” glamour – elegant and not too over-the-top:

Christins Bridal Portraits

Christins Black and White Bridal

Christins Retro Bridal

grandmothers brooch

Christins Vintage Bridal

Even the French-inspired netted veil worked perfectly for the entire ensemble 🙂

Netted Veil

Bride going up steps

…and of course, with a dress like this one, we just had to take it out for a little spin 🙂

Bride Spinning

Christin and Eric’s wedding images coming soon! 🙂


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