Lake Charles Engagement – Kimberly and Kyle

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Kimberly and Kyle’s engagment photos in and around downtown Lake Charles. They’re from the Southeast Texas area, but are attending McNeese State to be teachers, Kimberly in Early Childhood and Kyle in Music. The weather had been threatening rain all week, but fortunately was only overcast during the shoot, a big softbox for us photographers. 🙂

We began downtown by Pujo Street Cafe (mmmm, tasty 🙂 ), Immaculate Conception Church and the old Court House – beautiful architecture with lots of great color and texture to use for our purposes:

Engagement Photo Downtown Lake Charles

Those of you who are Kimberly’s and Kyle’s friends on facebook have already seen this one, I really like her eyes here, they just sparkle:

Outdoor Engagement Photos

We did a little “Dancing with the Stars” here on the porch to the old Calcasieu Parish Courthouse:

Dancing on the porch to the old Calcasieu Parish Courthouse

The judge with the British accent gave them an “8”! 😀
Here someone gets the giggles:

Engagement Photos Downtown Lake Charles

We also spent a little time walking the historic Ryan and Broad Street area:

Downtown Lake Charles Engagement Pictures

Kimberly wanted her photos to reflect the Lake Charles area and really wanted some by the Sallier Oak at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum. We have some large oak trees here in Beaumont, but this tree is huge! Branches as big around as I am drop down to the ground and back up again – I think they were both a bit overcome with its majesty 🙂

Sallier Oak at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum

From there we headed to Prien Lake Park. The sun was setting fast and it was getting pretty chilly as the winds blew in over the banks of Indian Bay. A quick wardrobe change into some a little more comfortable and we finished up with a few more relaxed fun portraits on the boardwalk and the amphitheater:

engagement images at the amphitheater at Prien Lake Park

engagement photos on the boardwalk at Prien Lake Park

A great evening 🙂 Kimberly and Kyle won’t be getting married until next May, so unfortunately we won’t be seeing them on here again soon… but I can’t wait until the bridal images are done! 🙂


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