Sara and Frank

I had the priviledge recently to shoot the lovely wedding of Sara andFrank near Houston, Texas. The bride was gorgeous as well as everything about the day. The ringbearer was still getting his, er, bearings, but did a great job 🙂

the ringbearer arrives

The groom’s father helped pin the boutonniere on his father:
boutonniere father of the groom

Music during the ceremony was phenomenal – a choir and an orchestra provided an excellent backdrop to the wedding:
household of faith

The bride’s wedding dress was beautiful, as was the wedding ceremony:
wedding ceremony beginning

The groom placing the ring on the bride’s finger:
with this ring I thee wed

A perfect wedding ceremony in progress:
perfect wedding ceremony

The wedding cake tasted as good as it looked:
wedding cake

I think the groom thinks so too: 🙂
bride feeding wedding cake to groom

This look between the bride and groom says it all:
wedding dance photos

You can find more images from the wedding here.

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