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Wedding days are like ducks swimming – to those on the outside everything is going smoothly, little effort needed; to those on the inside, under the surface everyone is kicking furiously, many hands and feet working towards the final effortless-looking goal. It’s good when those on the inside can schedule breaks in the day, slow down a bit and enjoy it a lot more.

We began Celina’s day bright and early that Saturday morning at the Nail Cottage, where Celina and her girls were getting their manicures on. Mimosas kept the laughter easy while they buffed, filed, painted and microwaved their nails into perfection. I guess that wasn’t a microwave, more like a toaster oven, but it worked and they were pretty πŸ™‚ Now I’ve had a manicure or 3 in my day and the best part is the hand massage, the rest is a little painful if you ask me πŸ™‚

Port Neches Wedding Photos

bride having pedicure

Celina has moved on to her pedicure and the girls are doing what comes natural while waiting their turn:

bridesmaids in nail salon

The plan this morning is to have their nails done, then walk across the street to Celeste’s Tamales for a bridal brunch – mmmm. I think bridesmaid Lindsey is a little too happy to hear what’s on the menu:

bridesmaid dancing in nail salon

bride and bridesmaids crossing street

Upon arriving, Celina was met with a little token of Matt’s love waiting:

wedding day roses

Aaawwww πŸ™‚

Celina’s mom really had a nice brunch prepared – Celeste’s Tamales on Saba Lane is the place to go if you want some great food:

wedding day brunch

wedding day brunch

Meanwhile, Marius is with Matt at Major League Grill in Beaumont with his men getting his grub on and watching some of the World Cup:

wedding day lunch at major league grill

From the brunch we headed over to Kerri’s on Helena to get their hair did:

bride looking in mirror

Perfection! πŸ™‚
After Celina and all 17 bridesmaids achieved follicular nirvana, we headed to the Ellis home for makeup, dressing and a few final touches:

getting ready for wedding

getting ready for wedding

bridesmaid getting ready for wedding

bridesmaids getting ready for wedding

mother watching bride getting ready for wedding

Fun day so far! We’re taking a break and will be back soon for the rest of the story.



  • Jessica

    I wanna see more of the pictures! They are all great. You are a great photographer! I wanna see the picture of bridesmaid Amy frantically digging through her bag and the excitement after she finds it. πŸ™‚

    Jessica (MOH)

  • Allen

    Thank you Jessica! πŸ™‚ I really had fun that day with you guys, you were a lively bunch πŸ™‚ More photos very soon!

  • Celina

    There is never a dull moment with us….I tried to warn ya Allen :). The pictures are wonderful! You are the best.

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