Gwen’s Bridal Portraits

Woo-hoo! Gwen and Don are married, so now I can post a few of her more stunning bridal portraits 🙂

The heat that day nixed any idea of photographing her anywhere outside, but that’s ok. Our alternate plan of shooting in Beaumont’s Jefferson Theater worked out really well 🙂

Gwens Black and White Bridal

We went all over the theater – upstairs, downstairs, down in the dungeon downstairs, back in the VIP room, on-stage… places rarely seen by the public. Gwen even strummed a little of Don’s guitar on-stage 🙂 Even with all the architectural beauty there, the best light is almost always by the window:

Gwen by Window Light

Here’s one in the backstage VIP room, with lighting assistance by Gwen’s bridesmaid Christie, this is one of my favorites from the day:

Gwens Bridal Portrait

Beautiful relaxed images Gwen, your wedding photos are coming! 🙂

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