Kristin’s Texas A&M Aggie Bridal

Can I get a “whoop! whoop!” (I know I just did that Aggie war yell wrong 😮 ) – Kristin’s recent bridal session on the Texas A&M campus was so much fun 🙂 The nuclear scientist, her sister Stephanie and mom Janice (and chauffeur/cousin with the blueberry crisps Erica) had us all over campus from the admin building to the Aggie Ring, to the Century Oak tree, Kyle field, the George Bush Presidential Library and the hallowed halls of Dixie Chicken. The following is some of my favorites from the afternoon 🙂

We began on the steps of the Admin Building – beautiful columns.

texas a&m bridal photographer

texas a&m bridal photographer

Egged on by her sister Stephanie, Kristin throws in a little “sass” 🙂

texas a&m bridal photos

texas a&m admin bldg bridal photos

From the admin building we headed over to the Aggie Ring, a piece of jewelry Bill Haynes apparently paid a lot of money for 🙂

texas a&m aggie ring

Check out those eyes!

texas a&m aggie ring

texas a&m bridal photographer

Yes, we were all over campus 🙂 – we finish up with a few I know will make the Aggie fatihful happy:

texas a&m bridal photographer

texas a&m century oak tree bridal photos

texas a&m bridal photographer

Whoop! After finishing up with burgers at the Chicken, I believe I was made Aggie for a day – I celebrated by getting lost on my way out of town.

Just kiddin… mostly. 😉

Stay tuned for their beautiful wedding photos!


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