Kati and Andrew’s Aggie Engagement

texas a&m bottle cap alley engagement photos

When you begin an engagement session standing in an alley covered in beer bottle caps, you can expect just about anything to happen! 🙂

No, I’m not talking about Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, I don’t think there’s enough money to get me back there on a Fat Tuesday. I’m talking about the infamous Bottle Cap Alley on University Drive in College Station – this is the location of our start in Kati and Andrew’s recent engagement session.

texas a&m engagement photos

texas a&m university drive

Kati, the owner of the bubbliest personality I know, met Andrew while they were both Aggie students – love at first bite (they met in the SBISA dining hall 🙂 ).

texas a&m sbisa hall

Love blossomed, as it tends to do in Aggie Land, and they were soon engaged to be married under the Century Tree.

Oh, I love the moment of panic in a person’s eyes when they realize they are walking through someone’s photo 😀

texas a&m engagement photos


I actually took another, but it’s funny when people react like they’re stepping on hot coals 🙂

texas a&m engagement photos

We spent the afternoon traveling around all their old haunts – Kyle Field, the Century Tree and places in between.

texas a&m century tree engagement photos

texas a&m kyle field engagement photos

texas a&m kyle field engagement photos

Too much fun! 😀 We stayed at Kyle Field until it was too dark to see anymore – they were having fun, I was really enjoying hearing their stories of how they met, began dating and eventually engaged – Kati usually punctuating the stories with her giggles 🙂

texas a&m kyle field engagement photos

texas a&m kyle field engagement photos

We’ll be seeing more of these two love birds soon. 🙂


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