Beaumont Seniors | Chelsea

Chelsea wasn’t born in Texas, but she got here as soon as she could.


A Class of 2010 Senior at Legacy High School, we photographed her senior session recently on a beautiful afternoon here in Southeast Texas.

beaumont texas photographer

pretty girl beautiful eyes

She wanted a fun session in a few different locations around Beaumont, and moving quickly with her family and dog in tow, we had a blast πŸ™‚

pretty girl beautiful eyes

pretty girl sitting on dock by river

She *does* have beautiful eyes πŸ™‚

From there we headed to the West side of Beaumont, to some property they keep their horses on… the sun was getting into the perfect position for skimming light across the tops of these wild flowers:

pretty girl sitting in field of yellow flowers with two horses

The horses were nice enough to post expertly for quite a while as we moved around them:

pretty girl sitting in field with horses

To complete Chelsea’s Texas Senior shoot, she changed (again πŸ˜‰ ) into something a little more cowgirl – the blue against the red really popped:

cowgirl with her boots on

I promised I wouldn’t show the spittin’ pitcher, but suffice it to say, I don’t think her friends back in Ohio would recognize the Texas beauty queen – all we needed was a field of buttercups to complete the day πŸ™‚

girl laying in field of buttercups

beaumont texas photographer

Congratulations on your graduation Chelsea and good luck next year at Lamar πŸ™‚


  • maureen

    HOLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Unreal! Amazing…lovely.
    What a LUCKY senior. LOVE the horses.
    hmmm can I be 17 again!

  • Luca Ragogna

    Great portraits! I love the ones with the horses. She’s a very beautiful young lady and you did a wonderful job of portraying her in an elegant way. Wonderful.

  • Dennis Boyd


    I happened upon this series on DWF and just wanted to tell you that I think these shots are some of the most inspirational shots I have ever seen. Specifically the shot of Chelsea in the yellow field with the two horses… it’s simply jaw dropping.

    My g/f spent a dozen years travelling the US and Canada training horses and has been slowly acclimitizing me to them… but for me… after all these years of wanting to get into photography and now finally having the chance to do so… it’s an oportunity to learn how to use them in my photography.

    The horse shots… simply stunning… some of the best I’ve seen and thank you for showing us all how it’s done :).

    Just wanted to tell you that you have a new fan… these senior shots… your customers should be extremely proud!

  • Devon

    Beautiful eyes, second image from the top is a great portrait shot but the pick of the bunch is the fourth shot body profile, this is a great capture, she must be very happy with this as it would fit in well in any portfolio!

  • Chris

    Amazing! I was stunned early in the series, but as we progressed to the horses and then the buttercups I was totally blown away. Stunning, really stunning.

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