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    Beaumont Seniors | Chelsea

    Chelsea wasn’t born in Texas, but she got here as soon as she could. 🙂 A Class of 2010 Senior at Legacy High School, we photographed her senior session recently on a beautiful afternoon here in Southeast Texas. She wanted a fun session in a few different locations around Beaumont, and moving quickly with her family and dog in tow, we had a blast 🙂 She *does* have beautiful eyes 🙂 From there we headed to the West side of Beaumont, to some property they keep their horses on… the sun was getting into the perfect position for skimming light across the tops of these wild flowers: The horses were…

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    Beaumont Texas Seniors | Aaron

    Class of 2010 coming your way! 🙂 Today’s senior is an aspiring 😉 Westbrook graduating senior Aaron. If you recognize Aaron’s eyes, they’re duplicates of his lovely sister Kyra, whose gorgeous wedding we covered back in January 🙂 Aaron plays drums in the band, guitar for the ladies and visualizes whirled peas. We began with he and his brothers in the Alex Durley Stadium stands at Westbrook cranking out some taps in the bright sunlight: 🙂 The guy is a master with the sticks, he was spinning one at this moment in his left hand and skimming the top of it with the other just tossed with his right: We…

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    Southeast Texas Seniors | Elissa

    Woo-hoo! It’s Class of 2010 Senior Portrait time! 😀 With the weather finally turning nicer, Elissa was the first to take the plunge. Coming into Beaumont from Mauriceville, Elissa is a multi-sport star for the LCM Battlin’ Lady Bears and the recent winner of the American Idol star Katharine McPhee look-alike contest. I made that last part up but she could win, just sayin… 🙂 Well… you really can’t tell from her “these boots are made for walkin'” photo… How about this one? 🙂 Not quite… tho you get a good view of her grandmother’s 1953 class ring, a family heirloom I could tell they treasured a lot. The above…

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    Southeast Texas Seniors | Brittany

    On a cold windy Sunday afternoon Brittany and I got together (along with plenty of uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins and mom 🙂 ) to photograph her senior portraits in and around Port Arthur. With her coming graduation from Memorial, this Titan is soon headed to the University of Houston campus 🙂 The area is beautiful, too bad we were nearly blown away by the wind that day. Taken in and around the seawall and Lamar State College Port Arthur, I love the historical part of Port Arthur. This one was taken downtown, around the old greyhound bus terminal. There are some beautiful abandoned buildings all around there, and one playful…

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    Southeast Texas Seniors | Shelby

    Today we get to see what a windy day will bring you, awesome photos of Elissa‘s BFF from Little Cypress Mauriceville – Shelby 🙂 🙂 The weather has been beautiful most days the past few weeks and this day was no exception – we didn’t even need a fan for Shelby’s model portfolio for Hollister 🙂 Just one more before we moved on to a local park for a softer setting: Beautiful smile and eyes 🙂 Unfortunately, the freeze from a couple months ago really did a number on most of the green stuff, so we opted for more granite, water, brick, and stone. The athletic Battlin’ Bear duo Elissa…

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    Bridge City Seniors | Trey

    On a bright sun-shiny day Trey and I got together for his senior portraits. He wanted a little urban, a little grunge, and a lotta Trey: 🙂 Trey is graduating this semester from Bridge City High School, where, according to him… he’s a triple letterman in band, BPA and the ladies. Planning to attend ETBU next year, Trey is on his way to a bright future 🙂 The weather was perfect that day, so Trey brought his sax out down by the river and wailed a bit for us: The man has style. A few more are below – congratulations on your senior year Trey, we’re proud of you 🙂

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    Emily and Laura’s Graduation Week

    This past week has been a busy one for Kathy and Mike, as their 2 daughters both graduated! Laura, as co-valedictorian from the prestigious “Texas Academy Of Leadership In The Humanities”: And Emily, from the University of Houston with a degree in Industrial Design: We spent Saturday in the park photographing some celebration photos of both of them – some together and some 3 feet off the ground 🙂 I can vaguely remember feeling like that when I graduated, tho I didn’t get that much air when I celebrated 🙂 It had been a while since Emily had gotten any portraits done, so we had some fun and shot some…