Beaumont Texas Seniors | Aaron

Class of 2010 coming your way! 🙂

Today’s senior is an aspiring 😉 Westbrook graduating senior Aaron. If you recognize Aaron’s eyes, they’re duplicates of his lovely sister Kyra, whose gorgeous wedding we covered back in January 🙂

Aaron plays drums in the band, guitar for the ladies and visualizes whirled peas. We began with he and his brothers in the Alex Durley Stadium stands at Westbrook cranking out some taps in the bright sunlight:

beaumont texas photographer

The guy is a master with the sticks, he was spinning one at this moment in his left hand and skimming the top of it with the other just tossed with his right:

high school senior playing the drums

We moved out of the stands and under the stadium – Aaron brought out his six-string and began playing and singing for the next 30 minutes or so – very talented:

black and white guitar picture

high school senior playing guitar

At one point a crowd began to gather while he was performing…

senior playing his guitar making money

I think he made something like $12 that afternoon, (enough for us to stop at Sonic on the way home, yes!).

handsome senior photo

Unfortunately ladies, I understand he has a girlfriend.

southeast texas photographer

The sun was beginning to set and shadows stretched across the sidewalk – we photographed a few more pensive moments as the session drew to a close.

black and white senior photo

A fun one for the end:

beaumont senior photographer

Thank you Aaron for being patient with me while I tracked the spinning drum sticks. Good luck in your music career (and something in engineering, right mom?!?)! 🙂


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