Beaumont Bridal Portraits | Krystal

Krystal’s lovely wedding passed last week and tonight we get to share a few of her bridal portraits we created on a cold sunny day back in January 🙂

We began at the Beau Reve Mansion in Groves – always a gorgeous location for photo sessions, they’re now hosting receptions and other events. The furniture is very classic/vintage, and Krystal’s beautiful dress complimented the decor nicely:

reclining bride

nederland bridal photographer

We stepped out on the front balcony for a few moments – a string of pearls and a bright red sweater that matched her shoes added the perfect splash of color and texture 🙂

beaumont bridal photographer

Upstairs we found a sitting area in an alcove – the sun backlighting through the window really shows off the texture in the lace in Krystal’s dress; if you look closely you can see some of the little sparkly crystals sprinkled throughout 🙂

beaumont bridal photographer

A nearby bathroom allowed her to touchup her makeup before heading to other locations:

beaumont bridal photographer

Oh, I meant to mention – Grace Mathis worked her magic on Krystal’s makeup for the session, she’s does wonderful work. If you can do it, professional makeup and hairstyling for your bridal and wedding days make a huge difference in how well your photos turn out, partly in the lift you get in knowing you look your best. Here we see Krystal’s eyes, even in black and white they really look outstanding:

beaumont bridal photographer

A vertical version of this portrait is the one Krystal chose for her large print in her reception:

beaumont bridal photographer

And one more of my favorites, her smile is contagious 🙂

beaumont bridal photographer

I’ll have her wedding day coming up very soon! 🙂


  • Ashley Nicholson

    What beautiful lighting in all of these. I follow your blog often. I grew up in Groves, but I’ve never heard of the Beau Reve Mansion…Is this private or open to the public?

  • Grace Mathis

    These are beautiful Allen! You’re right, Krystal’s smile is contagious! Can’t wait to use some in my portfolio 🙂 Thanks for the generous shout-out!

  • Paula Aspacher

    this woman is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the one in the chair looking back at the camera!!

    She was a great model for your photography to shine!

  • Allen

    Thank you Ashley, Grace and Paula 🙂

    Ashley, it’s private, but they do host wedding receptions and other events there.

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