Beaumont Weddings | Kyra and Ian Get Married – Part Un

Kyra and Ian were married recently in a beautiful ceremony at St. Michael’s Orthodox Church followed by a great reception at the Beaumont Botanical Gardens. 🙂

Note: If you are viewing this on our Facebook page, the images are much nicer on the actual blog post. Our second-photographer this weekend is the excellent Marius.

The day began early at Glamour Hair Salon, where Kyra and all her bridesmaids, sisters and mother were spending a few hours of girl time getting pretty for the day’s festivities. The “pink-polka dotted gang” were festooned in matching custom made house shoes, monogrammed robes, jammies and bags – you knew who was in the gang tho more by their laughter:

beaumont texas hair salon

beaumont texas wedding photographer

Tools of the trade:

makeup tray

A little mother-daughter time in the makeup chairs:

beaumont weddings

When the makeup brushes were set down and hairspray cleared the air, we had a plethora of divas 🙂

beaumont weddings

By then we were starving, so the ladies strolled across the parkinglot to Madison’s for a quick “eat to bite”:

bride and bridesmaids walking

mmmm… chipolte burgers… 🙂

Madisons Restaurant Beaumont

A little eating and a lot of giggling later, it was to the limousine to finish getting ready:

Beaumont Texas Weddings

Whew! It’s been a great morning/afternoon!

Meanwhile, back at the church… Ian is beginning to wonder… “If I leave now, will I have time to get a chipotle burger and get back in time?”

Groom in front of church


Kyra dresses quickly and is here thinking about the rest of the day ahead:

bride thinking

Ian skips the burger and hangs with his men:

Groom and his men in front of church

Kyra assists the others getting ready:

bride and bridesmaids getting ready

Dad is dealing with the stress the best way he knows how:

father of the bride reading the newspaper

The ladies are finally ready, a few quick portraits and it’s off to the church!

bride and bridesmaids at bottom of staircase

bride and bridesmaids walking out of house mazeratti in forground

Father of the bride and daughter in Rolls, headed to church:

dad and bride in rolls royce

Last minute bridesmaids’ dresses adjustments:

last minute bridesmaids dresses adjustments

Kyra stepping out of the car, ready for the moment to arrive:

bride stepping out of car

A few more below from the getting ready portion of the day, the wedding ceremony and reception is coming! 🙂


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