Beaumont Weddings | Krystal and Ross ~ Part Deux

And we’re back! 🙂

We last left our two lovebirds as they were on their way to meeting the one they’ve waited for all their lives – this “first glimpse” was truly magical, watch how the tension builds:

… and dissipates 🙂

I was there and I still love to watch the slideshow – it starts slowly and builds speed as she moves across the floor until Krystal is in Ross’s arms, then it slows down again – a kiss, a hug, they step back to admire each other, then more embracing.

Ah… this is how wedding days should be. Experienced. We as a culture race from beginning to end, to the point of throwing bouquets, garters and rice – and most of us look back and the whole day was just a blur. For most cultures, the wedding traditions and celebrations can last an entire day and even extend across multiple days. Why in our culture is the wedding day so fast-paced, hectic, and centered around not seeing each other prior to the wedding?

I understand tradition, embrace it in most respects and honor it in all, but there are times when another way just may be better. 🙂

beaumont wedding photographer

The just-opened tavern provided the perfect intimate backdrop for the afternoon:

beaumont wedding photos

We moved from the first look into a time of photographing fun relaxed portraits of the two in their finest. Then, after a few more relaxed and personal moments, the rest of the bridal party began trickling in:

bride and groom portrait before wedding ceremony

bride laughing

bride showing off her red shoes to the groomsmen

bride and groom in a telephone booth

Krystal and Ross practice their first dance just one more time:

bride and groom practice first dance

Then the ladies begin their entrance:

bridesmaids enter

Since we’ve added a couple of hours on the front-end of the day we use the time to get some great portraits with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and couple. This particular portrait is Lacy’s, Laura’s, Krystal’s, Melanie’s and Britt’s version of a portrait the ladies from “The Hills” are famous for:

bridesmaids version of the hills pose

Meanwhile, Marius takes the guys in a different direction using a more “lifestyle” approach as Ross and his men relax playing chess and a little poker:

groom and best man playing chess

groom and best man playing chess

groom and groomsmen playing poker

A little more fun than standing at the altar and smiling for all of the formal portraits 🙂

bride and red shoes with hearts on them

bride and groom snuggling

bridesmaids and groom photos

🙂 We also photographed more formal portraits, and were able to get most of the images usually reserved for the end of the ceremony with the bridal party. It was a time of taking a break in the middle of a rushed day and spending some quality time with old friends.

Too soon, it was time to head to St Jude’s for the ceremony.

bride headed to church

We’ll be back! 🙂

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Ken - April 28, 2010 - 9:49 pm

Allen, I love the detail image of the flowers with the bride laughing off focus! It’s a perfect moment. Your color tinting on that and the other images is terrific too! It’s hard to get right. Yours is beautiful and fits the images well.

Bailie - April 29, 2010 - 4:06 am

Another beautiful set. The one of the boys playing chess is my favourite.

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Jessie Cho - May 1, 2010 - 11:05 pm

love the posing! beautiful!
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