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Published in the January Bridal/ Wedding Edition of the VIP Magazine

Just a quick note to say thank you to a couple of our beautiful brides (and handsome groom) Sam, Stacey and Jeremy – they are the feature brides and groom in the current January Bridal and Wedding Edition of VIP Magazine! See pages 21 and 23 for more details. They quoted me and Stacey in the article highlighting how current bridal couples are taking more risks to get great memories from such a great time in their lives. I also discussed Krystal and Ross’s experiential part of their wedding day, something we offer to all our couple’s as a way to slow the blur of their wedding day down and make memories to last a lifetime 🙂

Sam’s unique image came toward the latter part of her New York City Bridal Session from Brooklyn to Little Italy, Park Avenue, Central Park and Top of the Rock. 🙂 She literally stopped Manhattan traffic (on the same day of President Obama’s UN visit, no less) to get a once-in-a-lifetime image 😀

texas bride stopping traffic in manhattan

Her wedding images are posted below, click the link above this image to see the fun she and two of her best friends Beth and Danielle had in NYC late September! 🙂

Stacey and Jeremy’s feature photos came from their “Day After Wedding Beach Session in Galveston” (see link for more gorgeous photos of the couple). Their outdoor wedding day survived a couple of torrential rain downpours, so we took the opportunity to photograph them in a more relaxed setting all dressed in their bridal finery, and yes, ironically, get even more wet 🙂

bride and groom on galveston beach

bride and groom on the beach

Pretty, huh? 🙂 Something they will treasure forever 🙂 I understand they are expecting an addition to their family soon, congratulation Jeremy and Stacey! 😀


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